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As told my Missy's mum - Wendy & Haylee


Missy was born in April 2009 – she was my daughter’s dog originally but ended up with Haylee and me – Haylee was just 5 years old when Missy came to live with us. The poor little thing lost her eye in 2015 in a freak accident when a long sharp bone fell out of a bag and popped her eye out but this didn’t slow her down any.

She’s a little “Polecat” though – she likes to play in the dirt and get as dirty as possible – with her being white means get has to get a lot of baths.

Haylee’s says that Missy has been the best dog ever and she


  • Her “best friend” is Peppy – our other dog – they ‘love’ each other.

  • To chase mice but otherwise she like to just laze around.

  • When she does have some energy, her favourite thing is to chase a ball and bark at it if she can’t catch up with it.

  • She’s funny because she loves to get dirty and look like a grot: she loves to dig holes and get dirty, particularly after she’s had a bath which is really naughty and Gran is “not amused”. Ha ha


  • Missy hates being away from the family – she get really stressed if no-one from the family is with her.


What’s also funny is that Missy forgets that she’s a “little, old dog” and feels that as she’s the “Alfa” Female” in the family, it’s up to her to protect the family and the property. So, if a big dog goes past our driveway – she decides that she needs to run them off….


When this happens, usually Gran or I have to go and an “rescue” the big dog. ha ha

We LOVE our little “Polecat”.

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