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At The K9 Experience

We Care

We Care

The K9 Experience Pet Food business came about because at the time, there wasn't anyone providing good healthy RAW food for dogs & cats: the options available were processed foods filled with hidden "nasties", salts, fillers, preservatives. 

We realised that none of the large pet food companies really cared about the health of your pets just as long as they sold volume - they spent (and still do spend) mega dollars packaging and advertising how good their product is regardless the damage it's doing to the health of the animals.

We at the K9 Experience have a passion for all pets, particularly dogs and cats. As important members of the family, your pet’s health and nutrition is always at the forefront of everything we do. But we noticed that there seem to be a trend of animals having all sorts of digestive, stomach, skin, allegies and organ issues. Just like modern children, the modern pet was getting sick from all of the preservaties, salts, etc., that these big companies put in their food to ensure a long shelf life.


At K9, we looked at ways to change this trend - so after a great deal of research and trials (on our own dogs), we decided the best thing for a carnivore is RAW - just as mother nature intended and we haven't look back. (Take a look at "Caddy's Story) to see the evidence of how the RAW improves the health and well being of your pet.

To make sure our meals are at their optimum for your most precious friend - we buy all of our meat and vegetables fresh each week – vacuum seal, and either refrigerate or freeze (depending on the customer's choice) - none of our foods have preservatives, salts, additives or any of the other hidden ‘nasties’ that other foods have.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Bank Transfer (needs to be received prior to delivery)

Payment Methods
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