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Our Story

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Wilson - Skarlate - Caddy

The K9 Experience   

Opening in 2016, the K9 Experience pet food business is 100% Australian owned and operated. Based in Gippsland with an outlet in the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, all of our food products are of the highest grade and are only sourced from local and other Australian suppliers.


We at the K9 Experience have a passion for all pets, particularly dogs and cats. As important members of the family, your pet’s health and nutrition is always at the forefront of everything we do. To ensure that our meals are at their optimum for your most precious friend, we buy all of our meat and vegetables fresh every week – vacuum seal and either refrigerate or freeze (depending on the customer's choice) - none of our foods have preservatives, salts, additives or any of the other hidden ‘nasties’ that other foods have. Note: we at the K9 Experience are just as passionate about the environment as we are healthy food for your pets, which is why the food packaging used by the K9 Experience is recyable.


To guarantee excellence of product we “employ” THREE “quality assurance managers / taste testers” (pictured above & below). To introduce them: their names are Wilson: (Black & Red) the fussiest eater you’ll ever come across – has to sniff for about 20 seconds, before he tries – then he’ll licks for another 30 seconds, before he decides if its good enough to start eating - if he eats it, any dog will eat it.  Then we have Skarlate: (Sable) she’s a great eater – will eat just about anything after a quick sniff - if she likes it, majority of dogs and cats will eat it; and lastly Caddy: (Black) she inhales her food – doesn’t touch the sides, so if she doesn’t like it – we don’t sell it.  


If you need any assistance with your dog’s diet, or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be delighted to assist anyway we can.  (Please note: we are not here to take the place of your Vet’s medical advice).


Meet the QA Managers:

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 “A Healthy Dog is a Happy Dog”

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