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Welcome to the K9 Family


There are 8 puppies here - can  you find them all??

The K9 Family commenced with Wilson & Skarlate, then Caddy joined our pack becoming the three “QA Managers” for the K9 Experience Healthy Food Services – ha ha).

All pet lovers know, dogs and cats are a great addition to any family: as well as providing great companionship, (particularly if you’re feeling: lonely; lost; suffering from depression; or just feeling unwell) they provide many other services for their two-legged human families.

Some very special dogs are selected to be trained to provide extremely important and valuable services, these include: working with our armed forces; police; rescue and medical personnel, as well as therapy dogs - comforting those with various disabilities.

One group, “Seeing Eye Dogs / Vision Australia” have, since 1960, trained dogs to provide the special service of being the eyes for blind or vision impaired people - thus giving them the independence that everyone wants.

We at the K9 Experience are honoured to include ‘Seeing Eye Dogs / Vision Australia' as part of our K9 Family.

So, from our family to yours – WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!

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Happy K9 Customers

Focus Dog Training

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The K9 Stars
of the Month

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Seeing Eye Dogs
Vision Australia

Pets Portraits

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2022 Calendar of Stars

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