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Delivery & Fees

Delivery Schedule & Information

Delivering to your door:

Weekly Thursdays        :    Longford, Sale

Weekly Fridays             :    Loch Sport, Golden Beach, Paradise Beach

Bi-weekly  Thursdays   :     Heyfield, Maffra, Stratford, Briagolong, Boisdale & Valencia Creek
(Commencing 4/2/21)     


Alt Bi-wkly Thursdays  :     Rosedale, Kilmany, Fulham, Wurruk
(Commenting 11/2/21)


Delivery Fees:


For delivery to your door a minimum order of $20 is required.

$15 for orders under $30

$10 for orders over $30 but under $50

FREE delivery for orders of $50 and above.

We buy our meat fresh weekly all orders must be confirmed by 11.30pm the Sunday prior to delivery.

Contact us for additional information for delivery to your area.

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