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Loki’s Story: told by his dad - Graham


In July 2018 my friend of found out that his dog (named Blizzard) had been impounded in the Hopkins Road Animal Rescue Facility, Fulham. So, I went with him to the centre to recover Blizzard.


While we were there, one dog made his presence known to us by coming up to the fence and standing up on his hind legs – my comment to my friend as I was leaving the facility was “there is something special about that dog”


At home I found that I kept think about this little dog and wondered how he was – not being able to get him out of my mind, I returned to the Rescue Facility on 14th August 2018 and came away with my best mate!!


I called him Loki because his demeanour suggested mischief and frivolity – which proved to be correct!!


At first when we arrived home, he was timid and shy but not for long - now he just loves to meet people, other dogs and of course he loves cuddles with me on the couch.


Where I go, Loki goes: when we go to Sale, we visit all of his favourite places which includes a coffee shop (where he has a little bit of teacake - don’t tell the K9 Experience - ha ha – it’s only a little bit) and he loves going to the pet store to check out all of the lovely new toys they get in.


One day, while on one of our trips to Sale, I met a person who told me that he was the one who found Loki in the pines at Longford where he had been dumped. As there was obviously no history for him, the Vet estimated that he was approximately 3 ½ years old at the time – that makes him around 6 years old now. This kind Samaritan said he had a photo of Loki of when he found him, which he generously sent to me. I’m happy to say that he looks a lot happy and healthier now thanks to lots of love and cuddles; exercise, and regular supply of fresh healthy food and diet of Kangaroo and gourmet chicken from the K9 Experience.


Blizzard has become one of Loki’s my best 4-legged mates as his dad often brings him to our place to catch up for a play and just chilling out on my furniture.


I know when the K9 Car is coming with Loki’s fresh food supply as he doesn’t react to any other vehicle the same way – it reminds me of kids when they hear “Mr Whippy” ha ha


I’m so happy I found my Best Mate!!

Congratulations LOKI– you’re our February “K9 Star of the Month” – your name will now go in the draw to win prizes for ‘K9 Star of the Year’ (drawn November 2021) AND your photo will be included along with SAM & CASHEW in the K9 Experience Calendar for 2022.

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Loki & Blizzard.jpg

Just "chillin" with his best mate Blizzard


Loki waiting for K9 to delivery his favourite food.....

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