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Cashew, a four-year old tan miniature dachshund has had two major back operations in 2020. To help him walk again, his mum got him a “doggie wheel chair” to help him relearn to walk.

Cashew doesn’t let anything hold him back and makes it very clear what he likes, dislikes, and will put up with.

Some of the things he’s let his mum (Robyn) know that he loves are:
  • Food (the K9 Experience of course) Gourmet chicken, with vegetables & rice;

  • Pigs ears for treats (after winning the December K9 Star of the month, Cashew will receive a supply of treats from the K9 Experience this will change, I’m sure)

  • Loves it when visitors to see “him”

  • Happy to share his time playing with other dogs, and meeting new people while going for walks.

  • Makes a game of barking at people and dogs passing his house

  • Absolutely loves getting cuddles, being nursed while being wrapped in a blanket.

  • Believe it or not: he loves going to the Vet!!

  • If you come to visit ‘his’ house, you must remember that he loves being the centre of attention.

  • And of course, he loves toys to chew

What Cashew can’t tolerate are:
  • Going for rides in the car – all that movement that he hasn’t got control of.

  • Being an attention seeker, he hates being ignored and not being the centre of attention.

  • Waiting for his dinner – he knows when his dinner time is and how it better not be late….

  • As he thinks he’s perfect, he doesn’t see why he needs to have a bath, so he lets his mum know how much he dislikes them when she tries to give him one.

What he doesn’t LIKE but will tolerate if he has to are:
  • Water therapy for his back & Walking in his paddle pool- can’t blame him – he’s pretty close to the ground. Ha ha

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