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When Only The Best Will Do!

Training Dehydrated Chicken Necks

Made from 100% chicken necks - chopped to reward size.

Perfect to use for treat training

Great for teeth and gums

Training Dehydrated Chicken Necks

SKU: K9-15.2
50 Grams
  • Ingredients: 100% Chicken – includes offal & ground Bone. Nutrition: Protein; fatty acids; Vitamins A; B3; B6; Phosphorous; Selenium: Calcium

    No preservatives, salts or additives.

  • A minimum order of $20 is required for delivery to your door.

    Delivery Fees:
    * $15 for orders under $30
    * $10 for orders over $30 but under $50
    * FREE delivery for orders of $50 and above.
    Note: we buy our meat & produce fresh weekly,  so all BULK orders (5kg and above of the same meat) MUST be confirmed the Sunday prior to delivery day to  guarantee supply. 

    Contact us for delivery information to your area.

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