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When Only The Best Will Do!

Premium Beef

Ingredients: 100% Lean Beef.

The only one of our meats that comes in chunks.  Lean muscle meat - this is a great source of protein for older dogs and active dogs. Available in a discounted bulk option: 5kg x 1kg packaging (of the same meat) - contact us for more information

Premium Beef

SKU: 0006
  • Ingredients: 100% Lean Beef. Nutrition: Protein; amino acids; Phosphorous; Zinc; Iron; Niacin; Selenium. Vitamins: B12; B6. Serving Suggestions: 2-3% of dog's weight, eg. puppies over 2 months of age - 3 meals per day. 15kg dog should receive approx 300-450gms per day. 38kg dog receive 750gms - 1.2kg divided over 2 meals. Note: this is a guide only and is dependent on your dog’s exercise / activity / breed structure. If your dog is putting on too much weight or not enough, adjust serving size to suit.

  • A minimum order of $20 is required for delivery to your door.

    Delivery Fees:
    * $15 for orders under $30
    * $10 for orders over $30 but under $50
    * FREE delivery for orders of $50 and above.
    Note: we buy our meat & produce fresh weekly,  so all BULK orders (5kg and above of the same meat) MUST be confirmed the Sunday prior to delivery day to  guarantee supply. 

    Contact us for delivery information to your area.

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