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When Only The Best Will Do!

Doggie Bag - Veal Mince

This high-quality protein comes minced for ease of digestion - great for dogs who have problems with swallowing. Veal is a tender red meat as it comes from younger cattle. A great source of the B group vitamins.

Doggie Bag - Veal Mince

SKU: K9-DB2.7
  • Ingredients: 100% Veal. Nutrition: Protein; Magnesium; Copper; Calcium; Phosphorous; Zink; Iron; Niacin & Selenium. Vitamins: B12; B6; D; E; K. Serving Suggestions: 2-3% of dog's weight, eg. puppies over 2 months of age, 3 meals per day. 15kg dog should receive 300-450gms per day. 38kg dog receive 750gms - 1.2kg divided over 2 meals. Note: this is a guide only and is dependent on your dog’s exercise / activity / breed structure. If your dog is putting on too much weight or not enough, adjust serving size to suit.

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