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When Only The Best Will Do!

2 Dogs Beer Broth - Kangaroo

Bone broth is a long forgotten superfood that’s nutrient packed. Boosts the immune system, improves joint health,  has great anti-inflammatory effects, supports the digestive system of both your K9 and Feline friends..


This broth is made from 100% kangaroo marrow bones - slowly cooked for a minimum of 24 hours.



SKU K9-9.8

2 Dogs Beer Broth - Kangaroo

  • 2 Dogs Beer Broth is made from fresh kangaroo leg marrow bones and slowly cooked for a minimum of 24 hours - maximising the leeching of the bone marrow into the broth. Nutrition: Amino Acids; Vitamins C, D & K; Iron; Thiamin; Potassium; Calcium; Silicon; Sulphur; Magnesium; Glucosamine; Phosphorus; Trace; Chondroitin Sulphates.

  • A minimum order of $14 is required for home delivery to your door.

    Delivery Fees:

    *  $12 for orders under $30

    *  $8 for orders over $30 but under $50

    *  FREE delivery for orders $50 and above

    Note: 2 Dogs Beer bottles are recyclable - return to where you purchased an receive a 10c refund on the bottle.

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