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What NOT to feed your dog

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Covid Claims – Gastrointestinal Disease on the Rise

Pet Insurance Australia has noticed an interesting claim increase for gastrointestinal upsets since Covid-19. PLUS, the top 10 dog breeds most affected.

“This condition is normally in our top 10 claims, however since Covid-19, we have certainly seen a huge increase in the numbers of claims relating to gastrointestinal disease,” Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia says: the reason? Overindulgence?

“I think we can all agree that Covid has not been very nice for our waistlines, sadly this is also the case for many of our pets,” Crighton says. “Overindulgence in human-type foods during lockdowns and extended home-time could be the cause of many upset stomachs for our pets.”

The amounts claimed in June 2019 compared to June 2020 increased by more than 112%. And the uptrend continued into Nov/Dec 2020.

PIA wants to remind readers of the importance of not feeding your pet too many treats from your plate.

“Many human foods are not tolerated by our pets and can lead to stomach complaints and much more serious complications,” Crighton warns. “Many high-fat foods such as butter, meat drippings, and greasy foods can cause pancreatitis in dogs, so they are best avoided at all costs.”

Pet Insurance Australia recommends feeding your pet specially designed pet treats and keep the human food treats to a bare minimum.

“There are many great recipes online that you can utilise if you want to treat your pet with some home-baking,” she says. “But it is recommended that feeding your beloved pet left-overs that are high in fats or oils is restricted, it’s also a good idea to remind children of this when treating your four-legged best friend.”

Obesity is also a concern when over-feeding your pet.

“If you are concerned about your pet’s weight, seek help,” Crighton suggests. “An overweight pet is a sick pet, getting the right advice from your vet and popping your cat or dog on a specialty diet to help, will allow your companion animal to live a long and healthy life.”

The highest amount claimed for a gastrointestinal diagnosis was in June 2020. Coming in at just over $12,000 worth of veterinary care.

Breeds Most Affected

  1. Italian Lagotto Romagnolo

  2. French Bulldog

  3. Miniature Schnauzer

  4. Boston Terrier

  5. West Highland Terrier

  6. Welsh Corgi

  7. Tibetan Spaniel

  8. Poodle

  9. Shetland Sheepdog

  10. Cavoodle

Source: Pet Insurance Australia

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