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Our Pets - Our Mirror

I find this so fascinating as to how it happens. What I’ve found interesting when working with animals and their pet parents, is how they feed off each other’s energies – Let me explain what I mean, we form a huge bond between our self and our pets. So much so that a lot of our communication with them becomes instinctive. This means that we’re constantly communicating with our animals whether we’re doing it consciously or not. What it comes down to is, we’re constantly exchanging energy between us and here lies the rub.

You know when you’re in a new relationship whether it be a partner or bestie, you’re so excited to see them, you get into synch with each other and  sometimes you don’t even need to finish off your sentence as they already know what you’re going to say…. That’s because both of you are energetically in synch with each other. It happens automatically without you knowing how it happens, we match each other’s energy. Well it’s the same for our pets, when they join the family their energy begins to mingle with the home’s energy and once they’re settled and feel safe, here is where our energies really exchange with mannerisms and emotions hence looking like each other. But it goes even deeper than that!

How many times have you walked past a gorgeous animal and then only to notice how similar they look to their owner! Well you know the saying, ‘Pets end up looking like their Owners’..

When working with animals and asking them how they feel in their body for any aches or pains, you’re bound to get a couple areas (unless they’re young and vibrant ones) that niggle them. When I share this with their owner’s, I can’t tell you how many times their mum or dad will say to me ‘really… because my left hip aches sometime too’ or if I mention their pet get mini headaches behind their eyes, they’ll tell me ‘oh gosh, I get headaches around my eyes too’. We get so intuned with our animals that we don’t even notice when we’re taking on each other’s ailments and stresses.

Our beloved animals take on so much of our energy (and we with theirs), and that’s why we can sense when our pet isn’t feeling well, or something is wrong. This energy exchange is happening constantly so it’s really important to be aware of the energy (mood/emotions) we bring into the home every day, so we’re not adding stress into the home energy for our pets to pick up for us.

Need to manage your energy… here are a couple of ways:

  1. Before walking in the door, slowly and mindfully wipe your feet off before walking in. This instantly brings all your energy back into your body and doing it mindfully wipes all the heavy energy off you.

  2. Dust your hands off any time, any place. This is a disconnect with any energy that you’re holding and when done with intention, it’s a great reset for energy.

  3. Just pause wherever you are for 30 seconds and breathe. This brings you back into the moment and that is the perfect way to greet your pets as soon as you walk in the door – present and in the moment.

Animals mirror our own energy so if you sense something is off with your pet whether they seem a little stressed, agitated or needing more alone time, check in with yourself first. It’s important to know if you’re bringing this energy into the home and sharing it with your pets. It’s always good to keep the day’s stress outside the front door with a few mindful ways for you and your pets.


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