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Caddy's Story

The K9 Experience Pet Food business came about because of our own personal experience. As accredited breeders of German Shepherd Dogs we were troubled that our breeding bitch seemed to have developed a severe skin problem: to the point that she was losing all of her hair; she looked like she had a severe case of mange and was covered with ‘hot spots’ – the poor love looked and was so miserable with scratching.

As breeders we were naturally quite disturbed by this: you can’t breed from a dog which has these issues – her pedigree lines’ history were negative to any skin or other disorders. Her coat was perfect until she was around 18 months old, so her skin problem took us by complete surprise. We noticed that our stud male was also starting to have problems – not as severe as our girl but he was obviously having similar issues.

We were at a loss as to ‘why’? Their diet hadn’t changed; their environment; nor shampoos had changed – nothing had changed from their routines. We researched and tried multiple things both from the internet, advice from “professionals” and consultation with our Vet. After trying multiple products natural and chemical; as well as everything the Vet suggested, except injections (we couldn’t use these as they were breeding animals), we were at a loss as to what to do we just couldn’t understand it. They (the dogs) were getting a very good quality dry food, (which we changed multiple times to see if it was perhaps the brand) as well as a little fresh raw meat, fish etc., but they still continued to have hair fall out, itchy skin and terrible ‘hot-spots’.

After more research, we discovered that modern dogs / cats, like modern children, were developing a lot of health issues: I was convinced this was because of the salts, preservatives, and additives in the foods we eat and we give our pets in the 21st Century. So, we made the radical decision to slowly change our dogs and cats over to 100% RAW food and home-made treats – nothing processed. The result was remarkable as you can see by the photo of Caddy. We then thought that if we could do this for our dogs’ we should help other people who may not have the resources and / or time to do the research – hence the K9 Experience was born.

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