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Diesel, Brindle Scot American Bulldog (not to be confused with a Johnson)


Diesel is a loving boy. Very spoilt sleeps inside every night in front of the wood fire.

Always sleeps inside and has never have been left outside overnight.

He's a gentle giant – but people give him a wide path because of his size but he is a loving big teddy bear. 

Great guard dog – barks like fury if anyone comes – but makes sure he has a safe place first like behind the couch.


Loves the water and swimming in summer time. Is very patient and loves the grand children. He will be 10 this year (2021) and he's starting to slow down. 


  • He loves the water and swimming in summertime.
  • He absolutely loves the car and going to work every day with dad (Luke)
  • Loves winter so he can sleep in front of the wood fire.

  • Loves going to work with mum or dad but prefers dad because he can get out and act as site supervisor on dad’s jobs as well as he gets to travel in the car with his head out of the window and take in all the new smells going to a job.

  • Unfortunately he does deter people coming into mum’s work because he likes to lay in the sun outside of the office door - not good when you running a Real Estate business.

  • Loves to play ball – loves it when you throw the ball for him – but he’s not going to give it back once he gets it.

  • He loves the water at Loch Sport  (I guess it supports his big bulk).

  • Would much rather lay in the sun than go for a walk.

  • Loving boy: loves the family – he is extremely patient with the grand children

  • Spoilt – even though he knows he’s not supposed to be fed from the table – he just waits and gives the family ‘the look’ like I’m a little pup…


  • Hates being left home on his own

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