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Beautiful Hector is a six year old Rottweiler. Hector’s family celebrate his birthday each September as there is no information on him other than he had been abandoned on a country farm and he came home with his new mum and dad in September.


We asked Hector’s mum (Rosie) to give us a little background on Hector:


How did you come to get Hector?


He was a rescue from Pets Haven.

He was two years old and we picked him up from his foster home in Melbourne he was very thin, timid and traumatised, bringing him home to Loch Sport was difficult as we had to stop many times, he was car sick and we had to continually reassure him – he was so frightened of everything the road: noise, trucks, bikes when going over a bridge he would look down to see if everything was OK, even today when we go into Sale at Cox’s bridge he stands up and looks at the floor of the car.


What does he like? 

He loves his car rides show him his harness and he is at the car to go.

To be with us inside or outside,

  • He loves to sit at the gate on HIS BOX to greet the visitors, especially Hans as he brings his food.

  • He likes his chairs – the CFA shop have supplied many over the years.

  • Walks on the beach which is a given at Loch Sport and play time.


What does he dislike?

He's not happy when he's left home alone. Whenever we leave, he has food in his bowl, but he never eats it while we're away, when we do arrive home it's jumping and tail wagging then over to his food for a feed. We feel it may be memories of not having food so he waits to see if we come home.


Does he do have any funny or crazy things he like to do?

He has a thing for passenger jets, when he hears them, his head goes up the tail is curled and then he is off up the back yard to chase them and get closer to them, but when he comes back, he looks so sad - another one got away.

He has missed them with this COVID lockdown - ha ha

Is there anything he's upsets him or he’s afraid of?

He’s pretty lay back but there are a couple of things that he’s not fond of:

  • Night-time darkness – someone must go hold his hand to have a wee, otherwise he just waits at the door.

  • The wind – if he's outside, he "squeaks" to come inside – it's a funny sound coming from such a big dog.

When he first arrived the clicking to light the BBQ just terrified him, now he is happy as he gets a feed from it.


Thank goodness for wonderful people like Rosie. People who give these amazing animals another opportunity to be loved and looked after as they should be. We're so happy to be able to say that many of our K9 Family have been lucky just like Hector and found wonderful, loving forever homes.

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