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Meg & Harry

Twins- Stars of the Month

Meg & Harry, (litter twins) will turn 3 at the end of April 2021. Their father had quite the reputation of being a somewhat ‘Casanova’ in Loch Sport: he felt he had so much charisma that it was his duty to wander around town and share with any female dog who was available, even though his off springs usually ended up quite a “Heinz 57 Variety" didn't stop him "doing this duty" -  Meg & Harry are the product of such sharing -  Ha ha.

As a result, Meg & Harry are a mixture of: Shih-tzu x Poodle x Pomeranian – in other words: little ‘fluff’ balls.

Their mum said she got these little fur balls when she was at a sad time in her life, which is the best thing she could have done. They are the light of her life making her laugh with their funny antics and have been marvellous companions .

These guys just love people and do little ‘jigs’ on their hind legs whenever anyone visits their home or they meet on their walks. They get especially excited when they hear the K9 Experience’s car coming down the street with their fresh food: they run to the front balcony, stick their heads under the barrier just to make sure who is coming.


Of course, what helps Meg & Harry be so happy and healthy is that they have been part of the K9 Family from the time they were little puppies enjoying a mixture of meals. Their favourites are: gourmet chicken and kangaroo, as well as they just love the liver treats and dehydrated chicken necks.

Unfortunately, Loch Sport will lose these little fluff balls when they move to ‘the big smoke’ next month BUT!!! they’ll still be able to enjoy the healthy meals provided by the K9 Experience as they’ll continue to get their meals delivered to the door in their new home.

Congratulations twins Meg & Harry for being the K9 Stars of the month for March 2021 - you now join Cashew, Sam and Loki in the draw for the K9 Star of the Year!!!

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Just "chillin" with his best mate Blizzard

Loki waiting for K9 to delivery his favourite food.....

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