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Luna is a Cane Corso – born 7th May 2020

When Luna’s dad, Daniel was looking for a Cane Corso, he knew it had to be a special dog – he found his unique girl at a breeder in Albury/Wodonga. Because of Covid19 impending border lockdowns, he had to make a quick dash north as he only had 24 hours before the first NSW border closures.

Luna was a very stubborn puppy, she was not interested in treats, and would challenge Daniel’s authority at every chance she got, fortunately she grew out of that naughty behaviour and now has grown into a beautiful member of the family, so much so that she happily follows the family’s lead, but can still be stubborn for non-family members – but that’s ok….

Luna loves the water, although she doesn’t like to swim. When she does decide she’ll have a go at swimming, she pretends by moving through the water paddling with her front legs while walking on the bottom with her hind ones. Ha ha

She has a very talented nose for tracking smells, and digs trenches at the beach in seconds.

As big as Luna now is, she tries to sneakily steel Daniel's fishing bait when they go fishing. She loves spending time outside with the family, going camping, bush walking and cruising in the truck, especially going to work with Daniel.

When at home, Luna's favourite place to lay outside in on the trampoline, and the family often catch her trying to jump around the trampoline when she thinks no-one is watching. Ha ha

Luna has always been on a RAW diet as the breeder recommended it as the best food to give what will be a quick growing, large dog – obviously the RAW food she gets from the K9 Experience is great for her, because at only 1 ½ she is already a very BIG healthy girl.

Daniel said he happy that the K9 Experience chose her to be part of their family and the July Star of the Month, because to them  she was already a STAR.

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