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Isla is a rescue Greyhound she came into our lives just over four years ago when she was just two years old.   


The trainer gave her up because she refused to run for him.  She is just a lady of leisure who loves nothing more than sleeping all day.   


When I’m home, she just follows me from one room to the next while I’m going about my day.   


Isla doesn’t like loud sudden noises in the house because she’s really just a scaredy cat dog. 


She was by my side every step of the way when my marriage unfortunately broke down – I couldn’t have wished for a better best friend at the time – she got me through it.   

She had trouble with her skin being very dry and itchy for such a long time, poor love I didn’t know what to do until I mentioned her problem to Hans at the K9 Experience and he suggested that I put her onto the food from the K9 Experience - now her skin is great, she’s much more relaxed and a happy dog.

Written by Isla's mum - Kylie

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