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Welcome to our K9 Family
Artist - Colleen Herbert

Pet Portraits

Colleen is a Leongatha art teacher and mum who started painting on corrugated tin with exterior house paint to decorate and create a fantasy garden when her children were young.


She was encouraged to sell her paintings by her students and fellow teachers. Her Year 10 art class explained to her how to use Facebook. She nervously put her art on line and within 10 minutes she had a sale. So Cool. 

This  uniquely Australian art is now selling across the country. Even Cooler.


Clients are now contacting Colleen regularly, asking for commission pieces, which she often adds to her collection – which is growing. This is how the PET PORTRAITS was born.


You can now have a memorable and immortalized piece of art, of your loved one.

Colleen loves the challenge and when asked for an individual pieces she immediately starts planning the piece in her head. She loves the planning being able to what's in her head onto the final product.

If you're looking for a unique piece of Australian art, you can go no further than Gippsland girl Colleen Herbert.

Check out her FB Page: 

(Let Colleen know that you found her via the K9 Experience!!!

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