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Poppy is a 5 year old Australian Sheppard and her coat colour is called blue merle.



  • Poppy loves to nap with Mum as well as;

  • sitting on her ottoman at the front window (she's working at being part of "neighbourhood watch") ha ha;

  • she loves being outside with the wind in her fur but;

  • most of all she loves her K9 dried liver and chicken neck treats - you can see in pics below - she can't even wait for mum to take out of the packaging. ha ha..



  • Poppy hates being brushed;

  • having her nails cut;

  • being washed;

so lucky she keeps herself nice and clean so she doesn't have to be groomed too often.


Australian Sheppard's are known for their love of water and all her sisters and brothers are great swimmers BUT Poppy - oh no, she HATES the water. She doesn't even like crossing bridges over water.


Poppy's nick name is Princess Poppy and I think it fits her perfectly.

Congratulations twins Meg & Harry for being the K9 Stars of the month for April 2021 - you now join Cashew, Sam, Loki, Meg & Harry in the draw for the
K9 Star of the Year!!!

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